30 Days of Wrestling Challenge - Day 28 – (Favorite Wrestling attire) 

30 Day Challenge

I just couldn’t pick one. Shawn Michaels never fails to impress with his entrances especially ones at Wrestlemania. His ring gear looked completely out of this world with the vests, the pants, everything looks over the top, but that’s what made it so cool.

CM Punk’s another favorite because his attires are simple but have a lot of meaning. The stars represent Chicago his hometown and to me that’s like really cool since it represents where he’s from. The numerous variations of his gear with colors and patterns make his attires stand out because you never know what will be his next choice. 

Lastly, I have to go with Rey Mysterio. I’ve always liked the idea using the mask, and i just can’t see him without it on. I really like the heritage factor involving Mexico and lucha libre that gets put into the masks and pants. Growing up, I never knew what color he was going to come out with and it still intrigues me to see some of the attires he has right now. Cannot wait for his return (hopefully) soon. 

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